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Actual Artists

Elke Seppmann

The main theme in Elke Seppmann's paintings is the approach to people, examining their emotions, whether alone or in a group, in nature or in the urban world.

She draws her ideas from the storehouse of her own photos, which she collects, examines for stories or isolates again. By cutting out, creating an order and archiving, she fills a reservoir of motifs — everything sought out and recorded photographically with more or less conscious drive. Yet the photographic templates serve as memories which are not simply internalised; instead, they appear as fragments in a different context where they are used anew.

The ingredients which Elke Seppmann uses to create her sceneries could not be any more irreal. Hers is an archive of clichés of the untouched state, avant-garde and vanity, from cultural behavioural patterns. A deceptive idyll radiates outward.

The beautiful pictures begin to tip, even though they do not break down completely. The artist accommodates the yearning for harmony because it is also hers. She takes it seriously — with plenty of charm and subtle irony.
The artists listed below have already had exhibitions at artbalance.

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I don’t paint nature, I paint like nature
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Alexandra Bobkiewicz, Anika Neese
Hamburg Speicherstadt meets London Docklands
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